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Green Living Education foundation





The Green Living Education Foundation aspires and commits itself to the education of “green living ”— conducting one’s life according to the laws of Nature — in Hong Kong.

In specific terms, that entails pro-active as well as remedial efforts to encourage, ensure and empower Hongkongers to care about and practice the following:

1. Micro-wellbeing— personal health concerns

- Diet: nutrition, eating habits, food choice and preparation, etc;

- Lifestyle: exercising and resting, work and leisure, health restoration;

- Inner peace: emotional management and spiritual development.

2. Macro-wellbeing— ecological concerns

- Pollution control: minimizing environmental destruction and the use of anti-environment materials;

- Consumption: wise and responsible use of natural resources;

- Care for life: global order, animal welfare, etc.;

- Sustainable development: conserving Nature for later generations to enjoy.



We will be providing various forms of service to different sectors of the local community, including the following—

1. Offering workshops, cooking and gardening demonstrations, seminars, day-camps, retreats, etc. for local families and specific groups (e.g. schoolchildren, senior citizens, teachers).

2. Provision of boarding facilities for visitors to spend time with our residents on campus to experience Green Living.

3. Establishment of a Green Living Resource Centre to provide relevant information relating to health, diet, the environment, and green philosophy via media work (such as radio and TV programmes), telephone and email answering service, webcasting, AV production, and publication, etc.

4. Compilation and dissemination of education materials for the use of schools, social centres, families and other institutions to facilitate green living promotion work, such as organic livelihood, organic gardening, green home management, green economy, green parenthood, and green leadership.

5. Provision of gardening facilities for the purpose of home food production training.

6. Provision of life counseling service for local citizens in need, focusing on diet, health, lifestyle and emotional management.

7. Developing and maintaining co-operation with other local and overseas organizations whose objectives are similar to those of the Foundation.


As a result of such work, the Hong Kong community will

- Save on medical spending and reduce physical and psychological suffering, as citizens are empowered to take more initiatives to practice healthier holistic living;

- Save on pollution control spending, as citizens pollute less and conserve more;

- Save on social services spending, as citizens are empowered to care for themselves and people in their immediate circles; and

- Enjoy a better quality of life, with increased harmony and care among members of the community.



1. The eventual Hong Kong-based community will be established as a village for practicing green living. It will cater towards local and visiting individuals and families on a long- or short-term basis, be a venue to stage activities, and at the same time a show piece for green (ecological, sustainable and ethical) livihood.

2. The campus, will regularly

- Organize day camps, workshops, evening gatherings, luncheons and dinners for members and the public; and

- Receive visitors who stay to retreat, work on the land, to convalescent, and to rest.

3. While striving to be self-sufficient on various levels, the community will receive material support from

- Contributions from local and overseas donors;

- Revenues from activities organized (e.g. day camps, workshops, farming classes, tai-chi classes, and yoga classes ) ;

- Fundraising endeavours; and

- Revenues from services offered by volunteers.



A number of site in various parts of the New Territories are at the moment under consideration. An announcement will be made as soon as the choice is secured.


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